What if I have a medical condition?

Please fill in the medical consent/ emergency details form provided. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and well enough to attend  and that you bring any necessary medication with you for the duration of the course.

Are courses risk assessed?

Absolutely!  Every part of every course is risk assessed.  Full risk assessment documentation is available on request.  All routes have emergency exits at various points and are carried out on approved tracks/ trails.

As with any sport, the risk of injury does exist.  We cannot guarantee that you won’t fall.  If during any activity we feel that something is too high a risk for you to complete, we will strongly discourage you from that particular part.  This does not however replace your responsibility for your own actions – you are the only person who can truly decide if something is outside of your ability.

What should I expect from the course/ my day with Pedal Planet?

Courses are designed to develop your cycling skills and techniques, not to test your physical fitness.  Trying out new techniques and skills can, however, involve upper-body movements that you may not be used to.

At times you may feel you are outside of your comfort zone and although it is good to challenge yourself and learn new things, it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t over exceed your limits.  You are expected to assess whether you are confident to complete sections of the course/ suggested activities.  Pedal Planet will not make any rider do any part of a course that they feel is beyond their limit and may advise a rider if they feel an activity is beyond their current level of ability.

Faster people may sometimes have to slow a little to ensure that we stay together as a group; this is another good reason for having 6 participants to avoid overly long waiting times.

If your bike should develop a mechanical failure during a course…?

Most issues can be repaired during the activity but, if a bike were irreparable, we would put an action plan in place to recover you without too much interruption to you/ your peers.

What does my bike need to be like?

Any Mountain Bike or Hybrid Bike in good condition, with off-road tyres is acceptable.  Pedal Planet recommends that you have your bike serviced before you attend.   If Pedal Planet deems that your bike is not in a safe condition to participate, then you will be offered an alternative date at no extra cost.  No refund will be given.  Single Speed bikes are okay but please be aware, however, that in part of the course we cover gear selection which will not be relevant to your Single Speed bike.

Can my course be cancelled due to bad weather or too few attendees? What if I need to cancel my booking?

We know how disappointing course cancellations are and avoid this wherever possible.  Courses can generally run in any weather apart from snow and ice.  If a cancellation is necessary we will give as much notice as possible.  Skills Courses can run with a minimum of 3 riders.  If there are less than 3 bookings 1 week in advance of the course date, we are likely to cancel this course and offer you an alternative date.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for details on our Cancellation Policy.

I have booked a course, when can I expect more info? What will I need to bring?

Final instructions will be sent to you 5 days before the date of your course, enabling us to get a more accurate weather prediction.  Please do contact us if you have any queries about the course you have booked.


Please make sure you bring the following with you:-

Mountain Bike – in a fit for purpose condition

Helmet, Gloves – essential for safety

Drink – enough for the whole course; Camelbak hydration systems, or similar, highly recommended

Packed Lunch & Snacks – there may be access to cafes but this is not guaranteed

Spare Inner Tube & Pump – check you have the right valve

Appropriate Clothing – no jeans allowed; check the weather & bring a waterproof jacket if necessary; layers are preferable (nb. there will be times when the group is stood around listening)

Appropriate Footwear – cycling shoes or trainers


Glasses – these are highly recommended during parts of the courses to avoid dust/ grit/ twigs

Body armour/ Protection – bring this if you prefer to/ it makes you feel more confident

Are there any age restrictions? Do you offer childrens’ courses?

Pedal Planet offers bespoke courses/ coaching & childrens’ parties from the age of 7 upwards.

Level 1 & 2 Skills Courses with dates assigned are for riders aged 16 and over.

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